Basic Infrastructure : How Do We Do

Class room lecturers, Audio visual programmes, Seminars, Computer Lessons, Case Studies and study tours to a vibrant academic programme

Dr. Geeta Dahiya


Smt Manju Bai


Smt Rachna Sharma


Smt Kanchan Bala


National TT College

  • National Academic Foundation Samiti is committed for developing educational facilities for girls in Alwar city and its suburbs. Keeping this motive in mind and looking to the need of a degree college for girls in the city.

  • NAFS was established in year 1998 and after that we are concentrating on full time quality education programme

  • The motive of the society is to spread the feel & Zeal of Literacy and academic awareness in the region.

  • Civics, Economics, English, Geography, Hindi, Sanskrit, Home Science, History, SocSc, Biology,Chemistry, Gen Sc, Book Keeping, Comm, Practice.