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Welcome to National TT College For Girls, Alwar

National TT College for Girls, Alwar is a girl’s college run by the National Academic Foundation Samiti. Located in the lush green area of Alwar district of Rajasthan, the institute focuses on training the students in fulfilling their academic aspirations. It conducts the degree course of Bachelors in Education (B.Ed.) of duration one year. The aim of the establishing society remains academic awareness and importance to girl education in the area of Alwar and its suburbs.

Our Motive of Education is Specfic, Pointed and Concreate The ultimate concern of National college for Girls (NCG) is to impart education to help an individual to bloom with her full potentials. The purpose of education does not mean merely going through certain subjects and excelling there but it is an exploration of self, which develops personality and keeps the individual intact. The aim is to liberate oneself from orthodoxy, obscurity of vision, wildness of thoughts, rigidity of mind and negative cerebral tendencies & to abandon living a fragmentary life. We earnestly desire to instill right values, ideas, experiences and emotions of human life for a purposeful and meaningful living. It is an attempt to devise a new world and a new mode of existence through education. The institution is dedicated with high seriousness in an effort to reduce complexities of education to simplicity. The method of teaching is innovative and there is clarity in teaching of arts, commerce and science. The NCG has got competent teaching faculty and devoted staff dedicated to the development of the students. The NCG has a modern infrastructure shaped around a strong academic and cultural tradition interwoven with the rich fabric of what is good in the east and the west.

Latest News & Events

October 03
Academic Calendar Session 2017-18

National TT College For Girls

Academic Calendar Session 2017-18



S.No. Month Orientation and Activit....

December 24
वित्तीय साक्षरता पर कार्यषाला का आयोजन

भारत सरकार द्वारा डिजीटल भुगतान के क्रम में आयोजित किये जाने वाले वित्तीय साक....

April 17
Alumni Meet 2016


National TT College FOR Girls has conducted Alumni Meet on 3rd April'2016. More than 85 students have registered. They have enjoyed throughout tha day with different cultural events, dance music etc. the d....

Our Campus

Smt. Deepmalika Goyal


Smt Manju Bai


Smt Rachna Sharma


Smt Kanchan Bala


National TT College

  • National Academic Foundation Samiti is committed for developing educational facilities for girls in Alwar city and its suburbs. Keeping this motive in mind and looking to the need of a degree college for girls in the city.

  • NAFS was established in year 1998 and after that we are concentrating on full time quality education programme

  • The motive of the society is to spread the feel & Zeal of Literacy and academic awareness in the region.

  • Civics, Economics, English, Geography, Hindi, Sanskrit, Home Science, History, SocSc, Biology,Chemistry, Gen Sc, Book Keeping, Comm, Practice.